Hello this is Ugur Basak, actually Uğur Başak (IPA: uɣuɾ bɑʃɑk). I’m currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands and working as a Software Developer at Booking.com. I’ve been in Information Technology business since 2004.

Since I was a child, I like reading books and mostly science-fiction. In 1999 I’ve started playing D&D and one year later I’ve started reading fantasy fiction. In that year I’ve read Dragonlance Chronicles from Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman and The Belgariad from David Eddings. These two series played an important role on my life. Since then I’m mostly reading fantasy fiction.

Starting in 2013 I’m challenging myself to read hundred books a year, currently I am not successful on this but I’ve increased my reading count. In second year of this challenge, I’ve create a blog to write my book reviews named after the challenges “Hundred Books a Year“. Please check my reviews and write what you feel about them.

Also I like Medieval History, Mythology, Photography and Nature.